Die coolste Beinprothese der Welt

Da kann man echt nur noch staunen.

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Das iPhone-Case des Tages

Soll ja Leute geben, die auf Retro stehen. Dann ist das  90s Case for iPhone, from Thumbs Up UK genau das richtige für euch.

The epitome of flip-top retro cool, this 90s iPhone case will give you some easy street cred straight from the last millennium. Sick of your iPhone looking like an iPhone? Remember the looks of awe you used to get in the 90s as you pulled your flip top phone out of your leather jacket pocket and snapped it open with a flick of the wrist? Your new iPhone is great communication-wise, but its understated look does nothing for your ego…Dilemma solved! The 90s iPhone Case is designed to house your iPhone in a status infused flip top case while providing protection from bumps and scratches at the same time. To complete the comparison with those much loved phones of yester-millennium, the flip top actually works as a speaker! The 90s phone case provides a cut out for charging and you can press the antenna down to activate the sleep/wake button.



Kidfiti: Das Graffiti-Set für Kinder

Früh übt sich, wer mal ein großer werden will. Darum gibt es nun auch für Kids schon Graffiti-Stuff, z.B. bei Toys’r’Us.

It’s fun and easy to use!


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Supersize Bed – Das Bett im Design einer Packung Pommes

Für Fast-Food Fans nicht unbedingt förderlich, da Heisshunger entstehen könnte. Denke ich zumindest. Sieht aber irgendwie witzig aus.

The Supersize Bed is a brightly colored bed with a headboard shaped like a carton of french fries. The fries are more than mere decoration — they are removable cushions. The Supersize Bed is a collaboration between set and costume designer Cecilia Carey and “architectural foodsmith” Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr.


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Foto © by Cecilia Carey

Das Street-Art Piece des Tages

Gesehen von Lena Wagner in Wetzlar. Geile Idee, schöne Umsetzung.


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