Schmuckstück: Eine 50-Jahre alte, unberührte Küche

Wow, die sieht einfach wunderbar aus und wurde nie benutzt. Könnte mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass so etwas mal wieder voll im Trend ist, aber das mal außer Acht gelassen, wie geil ist diese Küche denn bitte?!

“House untouched for 50 years” usually means rats, mold and various unspeakable things. However, when Nathan Chandler bought this home in 2010, he found a pleasant surprise: a kitchen that had remained untouched since it was finished in 1956. There’s really no explanation why the previous owners never used the house, especially when it was still brand-spanking new. Still, this interesting curio shows us how people lived way back when.

While the differences are not apparent at first glance, once you start looking into the actual kitchen appliances, you’ll see years of progress in the field of storing and preparing food. This was probably a housewife’s dream back then, but today, it’s an antique, and one that Nathan has already sold to an interested party. I wonder what they’re gonna do with it. Probably not make food.

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“Up” Hundehütte

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Als Hund würde ich mich ja voll darüber freuen, aber ich bin eben kein Hund. Dafür freuen sich die Herrchen umso mehr.

Super-Fan Builds made this complex dog house based on Carl’s house from Pixar’s Up. It doesn’t fly, but it sits on a metal frame that makes it look like it’s floating in mid-air. Check out the finished house at 7:35.

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Das Pizza-Badetuch

Ist halt einfach gerade angesagt, dass man alles mit Pizza macht. Egal ob Bettwäsche oder Teppich, nun also auch Badetücher. Ich habe kein Problem damit, ich finds cool. Auch wenn der Preis ein wenig überzogen ist.




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Stempeldrucker fürs Fahrrad – Das DIY-Projekt des Tages


Coole Idee von Pierre Paslier, Oluwaseyi Sosanya und Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez. Die Drei haben einen Stempeldrucker für Fahrräder gebastelt, bei dem die Buchstaben aus dem 3D-Drucker kommen, anschließend mit Kabelbinder ans Hinterrad gebunden und über ein Stempelkissen mit Farbe versorgt werden. Kann man auch selbst bauen, dafür gibt es hier die Anleitung.

“Revolution” turns your bike wheel into a rolling stamp. The stamps are 3D printed letters to clip on your wheel with a cable tie. Push the inking roll against the wheel to ink the letters and leave your message on the pavement. You can easily customize and 3D print all the parts you need.

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Ein Baumhaus im Stile eines Schlosses


Blue Forest aus England erschuf dieses Prachtwerk hier, wo man ja schon fast drin wohnen könnte. Hut ab vor den Menschen, die die Zeit und Nerven haben, so etwas zu bauen. Einfach nur genial.

The fairytale children’s tree house features a secret trapdoor leading to a games room. Inside, the room is fully equipped, complete with a plasma television and games console, meaning that the complex is also a great place for the kids to hang out and relax with their friends… and not that bad for the ‘adults’ either!

The adults’ treehouse is fully furnished to be a spectacular venue for treetop dinner parties and a large and comfortable living area for entertaining. The adults’ retreat also features a kitchen and a toilet, giving the owners the ability to host their guests from start to finish in their impressive treetop venue.

The two treehouses are connected by a dramatic canopy walkway which takes the form of several interconnecting rope bridges that weave between the trees and look out over the beautiful surrounding scenery.

As well as gazing out over the dramatic vistas of the garden, the decks also lead to a raised assault course. An eighty-yard zip wire descends from a crow’s nest that sits above a balcony and leads down to an exciting adventure trail.


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Photos © by Blue Forest